{about} meet tumbledweeds

growing a family o’ weeds — tumbling along in God’s grace and beauty, planting seeds and raising our faces towards the sun.


2014-04-06 12.25.58

Come on in! Make yourself at home.  Here, let me clear the papers, the craft projects, the empty water cups from the table.  Cuppa tea? Don’t mind the little one pulling on your chair, and the dog is very friendly, just wants to say hi.  We’re a little over the top sometimes, over here.  That’s how we roll.

Oh, we’re always in the middle of something: each a work in progress.  The kitchen cabinets are mid-painting, and there is a new screen door to hang on the back.  Me? I’m a work in progress, too.

There are five of us, all together. My husband, Mark, is a carpenter, and the muscle behind all of my brain — though this makes things sound a bit to black and white.  He’s got love in those muscles, which makes for such tenderness.  Oh, and a healthy dose of MacGyver, too.  And this brain of mine has had to figure out how to be a mother, too.  Then there are the Little Ones: proudly six, Grant will boast; the Renee though actually four, may tell you fourteen or forty, and Griffin runs faster towards each next milestone than the two before him. (He’s two).

We are always up to something, me and this gang of mine.  But it might not be what you think.  We’re almost always here, hanging around this house that’s a home, and we’d love to share our lives with you.  Pull up a chair, kick off those shoes, and stay a while.

Here, we value simplicity.  We’re cultivating mindfulness, creativity, and resourcefulness. I’m leaning in towards deeper connections with my children, this earth, my communities — all of this within the daily walk of faith.

Years ago, I read this: “But the flaw of the novel-reader is to want to know what will happen if a situation is allowed to develop unmolested.” (Tam Lin, Pamela Dean).  I find this true of the writer, too.  It’s the eyes with which I see my story, your story unfold.  So, what’s my story?  Everyone has one, and this is a beginning to put a voice to mine.  Saved by grace, walking by faith, writing about the days.

Want to get in touch? cc_hoffman(at)verizon(dot)net




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