snow, and cold, and a summer memory

It’s been a long, long week here.  After a series of half days and days off from school (teacher in-service, MLK) we also had the joy of two snow days.  Now let me be the first to tell you that I love the snow.  I really do.  And  I enjoy the company of my kids.  Even so.  The temperatures and wind, not to mention the sheer amount of snow, has made it difficult to get out and really enjoy the blessing.  Griffin is barely taller than the snow, and with all the layers needed to keep warm his mobility drops to like, zero, while his insistence on being carried skyrockets.  We are all a bit cooped up.  Grant finally went back to school yesterday (after a week at home!) and Renee went back today.  The temperature, still, makes me want to put on every sweater I own.  Sigh.

But.  In case you missed it, I wanted to tell you that I was featured at Mamalode this week, and with a hint of a summer tease, too, writing about thunderstorms.  But it’s always about more, isn’t it?  Here’s a little to get you started:

I wandered until I found Renee in my bed, with a few of her stuffed animals tucked with her under my covers. In contrast, she confided her quiet worry about the thunderstorm: “Mama, I do not like thunderstorms,” she declared with a whisper. And with wide worried eyes she told me how today, at camp, some kids told her that she could die if she looked at lightning. Oh, child. Let me tell you a story.

I told her a story of  when my Mark and I were young. A story about hiking at Hawk Mountain, about those days before we calculated a hike by how many snacks to pack, or how long we could make it before we’d need to settle in to nurse a babe.

I remember what happened next clearly: we were next to a large boulder jutting out of the side of this forest wall when the loudest, sharpest thunderclap I’ve ever heard split open our Garden of Eden, invaded our sound space and brought with it a wall of water. In this story, I will even tell you, I screamed out in surprise.

The story goes on, and I would be honored if you’d follow me to Mamalode to read the rest, and show your support.


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