thankful tuesday: rainy day edition

Today I’m linking up with Micha Boyett of Mama:Monk fame to share in the work of spreading gratitude.  Won’t you join us? 

In no particular order, my list of thankfuls today include:

  • Today’s rain (lots of it) after a super hot weekend.  The reprieve that this brings as it ushers in cooler June weather.  The permission that this gives to stay inside, pajama clad, no hurry to change.  With it, possibly, motivation to tackle the basement, to take advantage of the dumpster we have after our  most recent project.
  • That this rain is during the day.  At least for now.  Thankful for the sensitive spirit of the Eldest, even if it is cultivated in a fear of the rain in times of dark and quiet.  Thankful that we are watching the rain from our window together, marveling at this gift from God, learning about the care of our garden and the big circle of it all.
  • Home-spun treasure hunt.  How surprised I am, often, of the creative spirit of these Little Ones.  Given some empty time and empty space they will fill it, and even occasionally share and play well together.  Right now, the Eldest and Middlest are taking turns hiding treasure, doling out clues as to how to find it.
  • For the Hunger Games, and the ability of this story of grit, rebellion, courage, faith and love to grab my husband’s attention and heart for reading.  Mark sometimes needs a gentle nudge to remember the joy of getting lost in a writer’s imagination tangled up with his, the reader’s.  Thankful for the comfort of reading, side-by-side: for this quiet togetherness.
  • The plan today: once the Littlest wakes from his morning snooze, we will put slickers on and brave the rain (driving and rain! two fears at once!) to go to the library.  Then later: popcorn, sleeping bags and movies.  I’ll make dinner, and we’ll welcome my mother-in-law with hugs, and invitations to read.
  • Celebration of big accomplishments.  For Emily’s graduation.  For the long drive I made, alone, up to the high school football stadium.  For this reason to shake my eggs and hoot and holler with all the strength in my lungs, my voice joined with so many who love her.  Yes, you, Emily.  Thankful for you.
  • Family dance parties. Pandora’s 80s pop station. Schooling my Little Ones in iconic Madonna and Michael Jackson.  For the worn couch cushions that I just don’t care about, so we can pull them down and jump and somersault and dragon bite with scissor kicks (who even knew? I didn’t, until last night).  For the Littlest who watches with such joy and animation in his face, and his strong legs that kick and bounce, too.

Now, head over to Mama:Monk and count your blessings with us!


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