thankful tuesday: sleep edition

Today I’m linking up with Micha Boyett of Mama:Monk fame to share in the work of spreading gratitude.  Won’t you join us? 

My sanity is oh-so-terribly linked with my sleep.  I’m one grouchy mama when I’m in that daze of sleep deprivation.  Three kids in to this whole gig, and I’ve learned how to function on so much less sleep than I was used to before.  When the Littlest was born, the usual chit chat always turned to sleep: “So, you must be tired?” Let me tell you, I’ve been tired for going on five years now.  That’s nothing new; it just comes with the territory.  My kids are not the greatest sleepers.  They are yet to understand the grace of a good ol’ nap.

But.  These past few months have really darkened the circles under my eyes.  It’s just been a combination of factors, not the least which is my own inability to sleep when I should be sleeping, or the Littlest who just loves to be held.  Or the Four year old who worries, lots.  Or the two year old who wants to run, run, run forever.  You get the picture.

So it is with the greatest gratitude, the highest praises of thanksgiving that I can say for two nights in a row, now, I have slept at least four hours straight.  That’s right, folks.  And I feel like a new woman.  I am thankful that for four days in a row the bigger Little Ones have successfully shared a room (this has been a long time comin’).  I am thankful that because of this, the “baby” room has been freed up, and the Littlest slept in his crib for the first time, two nights ago.  It could be complete and absolute coincidence (though I think not) but as soon as he was rocked and nursed to sleep in a dark and quiet room, and then snoring peacefully in this room all to himself, that he had the best night’s sleep he has had yet.  Let me tell you: for this I am thankful.  (Just this past weekend he had been up every two hours). I am thankful for Mark, who so faithfully parents through the night with me.  He changes every diaper that needs tending in the middle of the night, and is often the one to deescalate crises of heart.  And because of this, and for so many other reasons, I am thankful that he is sleeping by my side at night, now, too.

Because I am more rested than I have been, I have more patience with my Little Ones.  I have more energy to be fully engaged in the tasks of parenting.  I have new eyes to see these blessings here, before me.  I am thankful for the chance to read and write a bit.  Because I haven’t spent all morning draining my coffee cup and watching the clock until I can get horizontal again, I am able to do the things that need to be done while the Little Ones are taking their rest: I am thankful for the black bean soup simmering on the stove for dinner.  I am thankful for folding laundry in quiet.  I am thankful for each Little One: the Eldest reading his books in his bed; the Middlest snoozing in mine, my grown-up covers tucked gently under her tiny chin.  For the Littlest who has found comfort in his own space in his own crib.  Thankful for my lonely arms, empty for only a moment.  Thankfulknowing that they will be full again, always.

Today, I am thankful for rest. 

Now, head over to Mama:Monk and count your blessings with us!


4 thoughts on “thankful tuesday: sleep edition

  1. Oh, Campbell! I never know how much I could enjoy folding clothes until I experienced it with a napping house all around me. There’s something special about people you love sleeping while you’re awake.

    I’m so hoping for another four hours straight for you tonight, friend! Thanks so much for linking up…

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