read these now

I’ve been reading, thinking, praying, contemplating.  If you want to join me, try here:

The Domestic Monastery  :: challenging me to think of my time mothering little ones as monastic: “What is a monastery? A monastery is not so much a place set apart for monks and nuns as it is a place set apart (period). It is also a place to learn the value of powerlessness and a place to learn that time is not ours, but God’s.”  // convicting, but maybe giving me an opportunity that I hadn’t seen before.

The Practices of Mothering  :: the power of our words, what are we sowing, how are we affirming ourselves and our little ones.  I’m really looking forward to the rest of her series, too. “But it is spiritual and powerful because in my heart, I see my life – and the lives of my tinies – as fertile ground.  And the words I scatter so carelessly around me can take root in the hearts and minds of us all, giving a narrative deep in the core about ourselves, the God we love, each other and our world. I am conscious of sowing words that give life in and about my tinies and my husband.”

For the Claire Dunphy’s and not the Claire Huxtable’s  ::  reminded again that Mothering is a marathon, and not a sprint.  I am not perfect, my kids are not perfect.  And that’s OK.

What are you reading?  


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