today, right now

I am:

* basking in the sun.  We have this crazy old sunporch, and it’s destruction is a major part of a plans for the summer.  But right now, in the beginning of spring when the sun is glowing but it’s not actually that warm out, it is enjoyable.  It amplifies those rays, and with the door wide open is is warming up my kitchen nicely.

*surrounded by fruit.  We had a desperate trip to the grocery store this morning, and I’m thankful that, while part of me strives to live more locally, we also have access to oranges in March.  And apples.  And strawberries.  And blueberries.  And avocados.

*descending from a great family weekend into the reality of Monday. Sometimes a weekend with nothing planned can be daunting, and sometimes, as the case was for us this past weekend, it allows the freedom to just be with one another.  Sure, in the end, we did a lot, but none of it was planned, and that felt good. Now, I’m delving back into our routine, and falling on these familiar rhythms feels good, too.

*motivated.  We got quite a bit accomplished this past weekend, and I plan on riding this wave a bit longer.  I have found that if I balance the have-to chores with the reward of a more creative, fun project, I am both more productive and happier about the work.  Up next:  filing local taxes, practicing for sewing projects, trying a new bread recipe, continuing my closet purge, washing the windows.

*planning — meals, errands, activities for the little ones, family time and outings, the aforementioned projects.  All part of our week, and I’m trying to be a bit more organized about things.   Also, planning our garden for the spring/summer — both flowers and veggies.

*interested in reading, should I find a spare moment or two:
Condesencion, Condemnation and the Cross @ Storied Theology
The Best Part of Parenting @ Motherlode (Anna Quindlen guest post)
You’re Not the Boss of Me: The Charms and Challenges of Raising Healthy Boys @ Renaissance Mama.

*thankful.  Always thankful.  Truly full of thanks.

What are you, right now?


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