mother jesus

I heard someone recently say how Jesus was never in a hurry, never interrupted from any agenda, but instead ministered to and met the needs of the people right around him.  He allowed time in his ministry and set as a priority those who were in front of him.  What is right in front of me?  Sigh.  Here I am, so convicted again.  These are characteristics of a great mother.  The mother that I am not, but long to be.

I don’t have lofty goals or agenda, but I still find that my weakest moments are when I snap at my little ones for being just that — little.  They run at a different pace, keep watch of different things.  Often I forget that they are they ones that need the love of Christ, through me.  My place in life now is not serving in big global reaching ministries, but instead serving these little ones.  I need to get out of the way so that Christ and His love can be evident to them.  This year I’m working to give my breath over to God.  My breath needs to be the Spirit of Christ.  I need to breathe — so as to not be in a hurry.  I need to breathe — so as not to hold onto my agenda of laundry, or paying bills, or even a nap.  I need to breathe — so that Christ can open my eyes to the needs in front of me.  Too often I do not see them.

My children are beautiful blessings, created in His image, as I, too, have been.  My prayer is that the next time I’m frustrated by reading the same story, again and again and again, I will remember to breathe in His spirit and see this as my Christ-given ministry.  When the conflicts arise, that I will embrace the opportunity to model forgiveness, and authentic love, as “mother jesus.”  That I will remember my own sin and weakness as I look at my children who are just beginning to know theirs.  And that God would use this all for His glory.


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