It’s quiet time in my house.  I have a minute to think in this quiet and here is what I’m thinking about:

  • Winnie-the-Pooh.  My eldest and I have been reading the original A.A. Milne collection — a chapter at naptime, most days.  (We got off track for a bit when he got stuck on some ridiculous song books).  It has been so delightful.  We made it all the way through, and to my surprise he wanted to start right away from the beginning again.  I love our snuggle time together, uninterrupted by the littlest, living the adventures of good ol’ Pooh Bear.
  • Stinkbugs.  sigh.  I’m totally fine with most bugs, really.  I don’t even mind the stinkbugs in general (though I get really irritated when they are in full swarm covering our windows).  But my eldest really doesn’t dig them, and it can often be an issue when he is trying to nap.  “Mommy, I see a stinkbug!”
  • Sewing projects.  I absconded with my mom’s sewing machine a few days ago (slight exaggeration – she gave it to me after some persuasion).  I’m excited to use it, though still a bit shaky on the exact mechanics.  It’s been a while.  But I’m thinking about making some simple things to begin with:  cloth napkins and a new tablecloth, a dish draining mat like the one here.  We’ll see how that goes before I get much more adventurous.
  • Good smells.  I just bought this yummy lilac candle at Target this morning, and it is seriously delicious.  Smells like spring at my house.
  • Taxes.  Still haven’t done them, and really need to. So I’ll probably tackle this before the sewing projects 😦  Boo, for have-to’s.
  • A nap for myself — I would really love just fifteen minutes to close my eyes.  We had a rough night, with a rain storm and a demanding three-year-old.  I know my limits.

What are you thinking about today?


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