The quiet has set in. The house is still.  And empty.  We are back to our regular life at home after a brilliant week entertaining dear friends from across the ocean.  It is now that I am craving the rhythm of our simple life at home.  There is sadness in my heart from saying goodbye and it is soothed by the routine of knowing what comes next.  A trip to the grocery store.  Another load of laundry.  Dinner simmering on the stove.  Piles of books next to a tower of blocks.  It is familiar and reassuring.

Boy, did we have our adventures!  We experienced things with our friends that we hadn’t even taken the time to do yet ourselves. We shared our favorite things with them, too.  The little ones chases each other in circles around the house.  When those little ones finally drifted to their well earned rest,  we clinked glasses and shared our grown-up adventures in parenting, marriage, life.  We laughed. And then we cried as we hugged tightly our goodbyes.

Though my heart is grieved by the distance that sets us apart from each other’s daily rhythms, all I can do is praise my God who created this friendship.  I am so thankful for this ache because it means that there is something so good here.  Friendships come in all shapes and colors — this one is so easy.  I know that our family life will fall back into its rhythm as one day cedes to the next, and it’ll likely be another year or two until we enjoy this same fellowship.  But when that happens, it’ll be good.  True.  And easy.

Today I’m relying on the tides of my family life to pull me in and set me in the right direction.  I’m praising God in the ordinary, in the simple.  And I’m off to fold laundry.


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