snapshot :: the Gardens

Nothing lifts my spirits more than a wonderful morning at the Gardens. We spent the morning there, the little ones and I, sharing one of our favorite places with our dear friends visiting from England.  They saw the magic in it, too.  It’s inspiring, really, to see the flowers in all their bounty and color, stretching forward to reach the sunshine pouring into the conservatory.  The children mirror this as they stretch forth their limbs.  The air stirs with sweet aroma and it is in this land my little ones can run free and begin to know all of this for themselves.  Spring is on the cusp in my real world, bulging from the ground, and being at the Gardens confirms what is happening in my backyard.  A gray mood is shattered in this wonderland. We head home, bellies full from lunch, and I know that this time spent splashing in fountains and letting ourselves laugh and play will be well rewarded with hearty naps.  And so it is.


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