Projects loom before me, large and small, and I have been lacking the motivation to get down to business.  (OK, I get the irony of this — I’m writing about the projects I want to do, instead of doing it)  I guess that is probably why I’m writing — as procrastination, but yes, as motivation.  I’m desperate to simplify and organize right now, and I’m taking little sections of my house, one by one, to work on.

I find that if I can incorporate the little ones it helps get things done.  The eldest is great at jobs.  He really loves to do work.  I’m having a harder time trying to reign in the littlest because, well, she’s still so little.  My best plan right now is to keep her occupied playing near where we are working, but not too close that she’ll get in the way or get into things.

I’m going through my clothes first — it’s disastrous.  I realized that I have pieces that I keep referring to as my new whatever only to find a photo taken five years ago wearing this same thing!  Yikes!  It’s been a while since I’ve refreshed my wardrobe, mostly because I look at my closet and it is full.  Clearly, I need to do some weeding.  The problem is this:  I have been pregnant and/or nursing for the past four years!  My body, with the job of bringing babies into this world and feeding them, has been stretched and changed just like every other area of my life.  I have pants that fit just about every stage of this job description.  I need to stash the things that I’m not wearing right now, but may need again, and get rid of the things that just don’t fit or are plain ol’ ugly.  I’m just not always the best judge of that.  That’s one way the little ones can help, I guess.

I’m constantly going through little kid clothes, so I’m mostly up to date on their wardrobes.  My husband is tough on clothes, so mostly his are fine because the older things are worn through and tossed, or moved towards working clothes, and I’m much better about buying him something new.

It’s naptime, though, and my house is quiet.  Much better for me to be quiet, too, and when the little ones wake, I’ll employ their laughter and eager hands to motivate me towards the projects.  I’m finding motivation in the rhythm.


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