hopeful: sunday dreaming

I’m finishing my cup of coffee and listening to the dulled noises of the young boy upstairs playing, even though he is supposed to be napping.  Warmth is filling our kitchen and I’m dreaming and planning.  The sun is brilliant today and it has energized my spirit.  I’m full of hope.

Hope that these new recipes will make a debut on our family table this week:


Hope for the spring that is to come. We spent the morning playing outside, and while there is much clean-up  to do after the winter storms, I’m up for the challenge.  The promise of spring mud is just around the corner and I have two small helpers whom I know are eager to get their hands into the good brown earth.  Last year we grew a shared garden with dear friends, full of veggies and color.  What will that look like this year?  Plant more of this, sure, and less of that.  Also, we’ll add that piece of fence, and plant another forsythia.  And THIS year we’ll bring down the sun porch.  And I’m desperate to add color to the front garden.  Flowers, beautiful flowers.  Hope grows deep here.

There are always projects — inside and out.  I’m thankful for the blessing and challenge of them, and the possibility of dreams made life.


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