keeping it interesting

I’m so tired today.  It’s been weeks of broken sleep in our house.  We’ve been battling colds, teeth, stretched routines, and worried (and imaginative!) thoughts about wind and rain.  The weather today (here: gray, very rainy, yet surprisingly warm) is encouraging my need for rest.  Thus, I leave you with a few articles that I’ve read lately that I’ve come back to for one reason or another.

Delivering my son: ‘Breath, baby, breathe!’ ::  crazy, beautiful story of a father’s experience with his son’s birth.  I’m a sucker for birth stories, and this is as good as it gets.

Women are more likely than men to give up sleep ::  just so right where I am.  And, also, one of those “duh” pieces (but somehow validates me, right?)  This is not to say that my husband doesn’t do his fair share of nighttime parenting — he does, and can often be better at it than I — but.  But.  Sleep is just so different for him.

What’s Wrong With Cinderella? ::  ugh.  This just made me say “yes!” so many times.  But also had me thinking in circles.  It’s so hard to be female in our world, isn’t it?  And just ’cause we’re the next in line doesn’t always mean we’ve made a ton of progress, or even learned that much.  I don’t have any answers, or a party line to tout, but just loved that this was good thinking material.

I’m determined to prove that though I may be a sleep deprived mom, motherhood has made me MORE interesting, not less.

Have you come across anything thought-provoking (or fun!) lately?  What else should I be reading?


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