inhale, exhale

Breathe.  Inhale, exhale. I began 2011 with a word – an intention, focus – for myself.  Breathe.  The challenge of this has begun to keep me grounded and allowed me to ride some of the waves of this winter.  How is it that something so basic, so necessarily tied to our existence, becomes so complex?  Clearly, it’s not just the activity of breathing that has challenged me to grow.  It’s the pause.  The attention I bring to my body.  There are many  moments in my day when the I feel the ground shift under me, things slipping from my control.  Motherhood does that. (Life does that). Everyone is hungry all at the same time and the food isn’t quite ready yet.  The littlest wants to be held; the eldest wants to help.  There is a physical manifestation in my body of this chaos – my heart beats a bit faster as I grab a toddler in my arms and pick up the pace in the kitchen.  The tension can be heard in my tone of voice: “no, you can’t help right now.”

And then I remember.  Breathe.  Inhale, exhale. We are not in a hurry.  I have everything I need right here – in front of me, within me.  We can all learn from a bit of patience, a touch of kindness, and a calm sense of everything being taken care of.  I’m grounded in my breath.  And I’m released in His.

The eldest places forks and napkins on the table; the littlest hums along with me as I sing .  We divide our portions, sit with our drinks.  Grace.  Hungry bellies fed.

The rhythm and effortlessness of my breath are good teachers. This is the year where I let myself learn.

What about you?  What are you learning in 2011?  Do you have a word or focus?


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